Do you love meat dishes and autumn flavors? In Isola della Scala there is the perfect event for you.

It’s the Bollito Fair with Pearà, from 7 to 24 November 2019 in Isola della Scala (Verona province).

“Bollito with Pearà”, in Italian, is the boiled meat with the typical sauce Verona sauce.

Here you can taste the traditional boiled meat, cooked in the Veneto way, with the typical Verona sauce made of breadcrumbs and pepper.

Bollito Fair is organized at the Fair of Isola della Scala, country that is in the lower part of Verona.

The fair area is open to the public everyday at these times:

  • Weekdays 12-14.30 and 18-23
  • Saturday ad Sunday from 11 to 23

The food stands are open everyday at these times:

  • from Monday to Friday: 12-14.30 and 18-23
  • Saturday: 11.30-15.30 and 18.30-23
  • Sunday: 11.30-15.30 and 18-22


At lunch, on weekdays, bollito with pearà, risotto all’isolana and other first or second courses every other day.

In the evening and on Sunday you can choose from the full menu.

The area fair is accessible for disabled. The fair is equipped with free parking reserved for them.

Bollito Fair is located in the covered structure Palariso.

The menu is served in ceramic dishes to preserve and value all flavors of food that is prepared in place.

At the fair different butchers cook the traditional dish with different cuts of meat and the tasty Verona sauce (Pearà).

The production chain is very short to ensure guests great quality in the products served.

Bollito Fair with Pearà, a typical sauce


Bollito Fair with Pearà and autumn flavors

Bollito Fair was born 18 years ago with the will to serve, in addiction to Verona sauce, also quality meat.

Verona province is one of the most important area in Italy for the meat production.

Isola della Scala with its fair serves popular dishes prepared with raw materials of first choice.

Bollito Fair hosts, in addition to pearà and boiled meat, also typical autumn flavors and some popular recipes.

You cannot miss the typical dish of Isola della Scala, the risotto all’isolana, which is the most famous risotto of the Rise Fair which is held every year between September and October.

Pearà recipe, Verona sauce used with boiled meat

Pearà is the typical sauce of traditional Verona cuisine.

The word Pearà means peppery and pepper is one of the main ingredients.

The secret of Pearà recipe is in its tasty ingredients and in how you cook Pearà: longer it cooks, the better it will taste.

This sauce is great with boiled meat, especially with veal and pork meat.

Pearà ingredients (for 4/6 people):

  • 200 grams of stale bread or breadcrumbs
  • 80/100 grams of very fresh oxen marrow
  • 1 liter of broth
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • olive oil or butter
  • Grana cheese (optional)

Preparation of Pearà

  • remove the marrow from the bone by helping you with a knife.
  • melt the marrow over low heat and pour it into a kitchen strainer to remove impurities.
  • add to the warm marrow in the pan the finely grated bread and mix well with a wooden spoon.
  • add broth and cook it slowly for at least two hours. Sometimes mix it.
  • add plentiful freshly ground pepper and, as desired, a couple of spoons of grated grana cheese.

Pearà broth

Some people love a very dense Pearà and other love it softer.

Everything is in the proportion between bread and broth.

The advice is to not place all the broth, but to keep a little to add, if necessary, towards the end of cooking.

For meat broth we can use beef meat (royal cut and cheek) and half capon.

The broth is tastier if the meat is already put in cold water. And then brought to the boil.

What we get is “lesso”, that is different from “bollito”.

Pearà: advice and tradition of Verona sauce

  • while you cook Pearà it makes a crust on the bottom. Do not scratch it with a spoon, leave it there. Many people from Verona say that Pearà will be better if you forget it on the stone, mixing as little as possible.
  • you can use stale bread, but not too old. You must grate it finely. If you don’t have it or it isn’t dry enough, you can dry it a little in the oven. If the bread is already grated, you can toast it in a pan (without burn it).
  • some people don’t put Grana or Parmesan cheese. Pearà, to its origin, is a popular and poor dish of the so-called “recovery kitchen”. The use of nutritious and precious cheese was not foreseen. Actually the recipe changes from kitchen to kitchen.
  • the tradition pan on which you can cook Pearà is made of terracotta (earthenware).
  • Pearà is a traditional winter dish, especially at dinners and lunches during the Christmas period.

Other typical sauces to accompany boiled meats are mustard, puree. Cren, green sauce.

The recipe of Pearà it’s only from Verona.

Difference between bollito and lesso:

Mixed bollito in the 19th century was the dish with poor cuts of meat: head, paw, tongue and tail of veal and “old chicken”.

Today its enriched by other cuts of meat as brisket, porterhouse steak (royal), shoulder, thigh, walnut (muscle), girth.

The meat for bollito must not be too thin, but it have to has some cartilage, the connective tissue.

The most suitable cuts are those of the so-called forequarter: muscles, chop and royal cut.

Different is the story for the tongue, a very delicate part, it must be very fresh.

For the cotechino everyone has his own method.

For a good cotechino the secret is the pigskin from which the name derives the name cotechino. And then the cartilages.

Lesso and bollito: the difference according to tradition, depends on the way the meat is cooked.

  • we talk about bollito if the meat is put into the pot when the water boils.
  • on the other hand we talk about lesso when the meat is put in the pot with cold water and then everything is brought to the boil.

The different way of cooking lead to different dishes:

  • in bollito the meat keeps good part of its flavors, resulting tastier and richer. Bollito can cook for an hour and a half/two: also depends on the cuts we choose.
  • In lesso, juices are released in the water. The result is to have a less tasty meat but a both with a more intense taste.

How to cook Bollito according to Veneto tradition 

Bollito and wine:  combining the wines of Valpolicella

The mixed boiled of Verona, with the sauce called pearà is perfect with structured wines from Verona as wines of Valpolicella:

  • Valpolicella Superiore Doc;
  • Valpolicella Ripasso Doc;
  • Amarone Valpolicella Docg
    abbianmento bollito misto e vino

    bollito and wine in Isola della Scala

Here you can find the characteristics of Valpolicella wines 

Discover the menu of Bollito Fair in Isola della Scala 

Useful information. How to get to Isola della Scala (Verona)


Isola della Scala is 20km from Verona, southbound.

If you come from Higway A4-Verona Sud exit: follow directions for Modena-Statale 12 (18km from exit).

If you come from Highway A22 of Brennero-Nogarole Rocca exit: follow directions for Isola della Scala.


If you come from airport “Valerio Catullo” of Villafranca di Verona you can use the train from Verona ( buses connect the airport to Verona Porta Nuova station).

From Porta Nuova by train you get off at Isola della Scala station. The railway line is Verona-Bologna.


ATV (Transport Company Verona) Isola della Scala with neighboring municipalities.

For timetables and bus lines visit ATV website.


Isola della Scala station is in Viale Ungheria, at one km from the area Fair.


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