“Top 100 Italian wines and winemakers of 2019”. This is the guide’s title presented at Vinitaly, the international wine exibition in Verona.

“Traditional values as drinkability, respect for the territory, craftsmanship and beyond”, underlines Luciano Ferraro, “are the guiding principles of the Top 100 Italian wines and winemakers of 2019”.

200 winemakers selected by Luca Gardini, sommelier, and Luciano Ferraro, managing editor of Corriere della Sera and author of divini.corriere.com.

The first part presents 100 wines for under 15 euros, and 100 more are proposed in the second part as best wines in the market.

Quality is key: it needs to be communicated and demonstrated”, Luca Gardini starts this way the book launch at Vinitaly 2019 on Monday 8th.

From small businesses to major companies, all focusing on quality.

In this regard, Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta “the princess” of the legendary Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido, is the best winemaker of the year.

An interpretation of the territory of Bolgheri, the main player in the success of this wine.

A wine that came about thanks to the intuition of Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, who created it on the Bordeaux model and then turned it into iconic wine.

First prize as traditional winemaker is Stefano Antonucci.

The visionary and eclectic owner of Santa Barbara teared up a little hearing the news.

Many ideas, technology and respect for the earth, these are the foundations on with Santa Barbara builds its work in the vineyard and the wine making process.

His purpose? Developing the great native grapes Verdicchio and Montepulciano and creating wines with originality and strong personality.

Moreover, the presence of Bruno Vespa, “Loyal to Corriere della Sera since he was a child”, highlights how the guide is built on sound basis.

It goes beyond trends, it is genuine.


Amarone Valpolicella


A guide to become well-informed, enlightened consumers

Winelovers can find in this guide a way to become well-informed, enlightened consumers.

“There is no good or bad wine, but wines making the difference” claims Luciano Ferraro shortly after, introducing Dietrich Ceolan, owner of Tenuta Ceo.

Best young winemaker, in his thirties, he support natural processes so as to grow grapes suitable for the production of great wines in South Tyrol’s Unterland.

Finally, the best foreign winemakers’s award goes to Willi Schaefer.

It’s a small family winery that dates back to the year 1121.

They produce exclusively Riesling, because this grape variety is qualitatively the best that thrives on the Graach’s sites.

Ferraro and Gardini with such knowledge and passion tell about tales of wines, tales of winemakers.

Behind each bottle produced, of course, there are people: workers and artists.

Poetically, in describing the brilliant salmon color of the newest member of the Ferrari family Giulio Ferrari Rosé, Luciano Ferraro thinks about the Alpenglow.

The pinkish color of the Alps visible after sunset or before sunrise.

And it is only in this way that the excellence of Italian wineries can move closer to people.

The guide will be on the newsstand together with Corriere della Sera for two months.

In addition, a final section concerning selected oils, beers and spirits is restated in this edition.

Martina Zanetti

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