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Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Oseleta, Rossignola, Negrara and Dindarella are just some of the red grape varieties growing in Valpolicella.

During the past years wine production had concentrated just on few varieties of them, whereas science and wine producers has recently re-discovered some of the grapes that had been literally “forgotten”.

hese, in fact, seem to respond better to the requests of the modern fine and open-minded consumer.

Within the range of grape varieties, CORVINA is the most important one, since it gives to Valpolicella wines a unique cherry note. It is appreciated both for its intense colour, for the concentration and for its resistance to dried grape.

Although CORVINONE has been considered a variety of Corvina for long, it is a grape variety itself and, in fact, has tasting notes even higher than Corvina ones. It is cold-resistant and suitable for dried grape method, even though it is a bit sensitive to grey mould.


Rondilessa has less resistance to bad weather and produces a wine with less structure, which, however, is quiet elegant and has pleasant flower bouquet.


The variety that in the past guaranteed Valpolicella wines a long conservation was Molinara: it is called in this way for being covered by a “pruina” (a kind of wax) that gives it a superficial flour colour.

This grape variety grows on hilly, sunny and windy dry grounds, is grey mould-proof and assures a constant production of a rose wine, worth drinking especially in summer.


Oseleta is one of the re-discovered grape varieties mentioned before: from it a tannic and fresh wine with fruit bouquet is obtained.

In the time when wine market was more interested in quantity than in quality, winemakers did not consider this grape, due to a low output and its small bunches. However, nowadays the situation has changed and Oseleta wine bottles has began to appear even more during meals.

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