Wine Tourism, in Verona the 53rd AIS National Congress about “sommellerie”. Find out all the events organized by the association from 22nd to 24th November 2019

Wine Tourism, in Verona the 53rd AIS National Congress about “sommellerie”. Find out all the events organized by the association from 22nd to 24th November 2019

The 53rd AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) National Congress will take place from 22nd to 24th November 2019 in Verona.

The Congress will address issues concerning the role of sommelier in wine tourism hospitality including guided tours, wine tastings, masterclasses, conferences.

For this purpose, Verona will have the honour of hosting national leading specialists in the fields of viticulture and oenology, as well as health, safety, law and economy experts involved in the area of vitivinicultural production.





AIS National Congress 2019: the role of sommelier in wine tourism hospitality


Falling under the theme “The role of sommelier in wine tourism hospitality”, the 53rd Congress seeks to explore issues related to wine tourism experience, the importance of the terroir, future wine tourist flows and more.

In line with this, the Congress will challenge its participants to further explore these topics as well as the contribution of well educated and trained personnel for the development of wine tourism hospitality.

Wine tourism is a significant component of both the wine and tourism industries and it shows economic benefits in most countries worldwide.

Wine and tourism have been connected for many years, but it is only recently that this relationship has come to be recognized by Italian government, researchers and by the industries themselves.

According to Paolo Bortolazzi (AIS Verona), “The aim is to combine wine with the promotion of local territory”.

For the tourism industry, wine is an important component of the attractiveness of a destination and can be a major motivating factor for visitors.

For the wine industry, wine tourism is a very important way to build up relationships with customers who can experience first hand the romance of the grape, while for many smaller wineries direct selling to visitors at the cellar door is often essential to their business success.

The knowledge that the sommelier should possess includes different areas that are interconnected and cannot be overlooked such as: viticulture, winemaking, aspects of knowledge of tourism and hospitality, and other aspects of which the most important are health, law, economy and culture.

The sommelier knowledge is versatile and “It is wrongfully deemed that such a job is very basic and limited to wine serving”, explains Marco Visentin, AIS Academic Coordinator.


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Marco Aldegheri, presidente Associazione italiana sommelier del Veneto - AIS Veneto - corsi sommelier

Marco Aldegheri, president AIS Veneto



Sommellerie and wine tourism: AIS Congress programme


53rd National Italian Sommelier Association’s Congress will be held in Verona, next weekend from 22nd to 24th November.

Three days of events that wind their way through meetings, guided tours, wine tasting involving industry operators as well as the wine lovers.

The events begin on Friday afternoon, with PerCorsi: three guided tours, departing from Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra.

“Vulcanici Euganei” in the Euganean Hills and “Tra castelli e filari” in Soave vineyards are scheduled from 14.30 to 18.30.

From 13 to 18.30 the appointment is with “Le Stanze del vino”, to discover the link between the city of Verona and enology.

On Saturday 23 at 10 the Philharmonic Theatre hosts the opening conference dedicated to the present and future of wine tourism.

The focus is of course on terroir as a tourist destination, communication in the world of wine, digital marketing and operator training.

At the same time, Saloni del Gusto PerLage shows the best Venetian sparkling wines in the Congress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona and the PerGola event opens in Palazzo della Gran Guardia with dishes of the local gastronomic tradition.

The tasting desks host at 11 and 17 some interesting workshops open to the public.

It consists of workshops dedicated to Venetian Bordeaux and Prosecco, to the art of cheese making and the production of meat and cold cuts.

On Saturday evening, the National Congress also involves some restaurants of the old town.

On Sunday 24 other guided tours depart:

  • at 8.00 “Le Ville palladiane e i vini dei Colli Berici”,
  • at 9.30 “Paesaggio Valpolicella”,
  • at 10.00 the appointment is at the Congress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona with the final challenge of the Competition “Miglior sommelier d’Italia Premio Trentodoc 2019”.


The salons scheduled for Sunday include “Vinetia – Guida ai vini del Veneto”, which proposes the wine excellences of the Region at the PalaExpo of Verona Fiere.

Then there is the “Trentodoc – Bollicine di montagna”: wine tasting dedicated to the Trentino Classic Method hosted by the CCIAA Congress Centre.

Other wine tasting are dedicated to the Amarone, the Raboso, the great Venetian passiti and Soave.

All the events in program are accessible only after online registration on the National Congress of the AIS page, where you can download the PROGRAM OF THE AIS CONGRESS on wine tourism and sommellerie.

A free shuttle service is available throughout the weekend and participants with a congress ticket have free access to Durello & Friends from 17.00 on Sunday 24 at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia.


Article by Martina Zanetti


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Consulta Vinetia: la Guida AIS 2020 ai Vini del Veneto

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Bardolino wine and chestnuts. It’s autumn time on Monte Baldo and in San Zeno di Montagna, next to Lake Garda. Wine and extraordinary food

Bardolino wine and chestnuts. It’s autumn time on Monte Baldo and in San Zeno di Montagna, next to Lake Garda. Wine and extraordinary food

Bardolino wine, together with San Zeno DOP chestnuts and Monte Veronese cheese, is the local star of four special events held in Monte Baldo from October to November 2019.

Monte Baldo area is next to Lake Garda (Verona).

With its fruity smell and its scents of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, cinnamon and black pepper, Bardolino wine goes well with typical autumn flavors.

After a hot summer, the cooler temperatures of fall are more than welcome and autumn products make for a season of delicious recipes, both savory and sweet.

To celebrate this abundant time of year, we’re kicking off fall with an ultimate guide filled with all the information you need to have the best autumn ever.



Locandina Evento San Zeno



Chestnuts, Bardolino wine and Monte Veronese cheese: restaurant menus

Opening the season is the Chestnuts, Bardolino wine and Monte Veronese cheese festival in its 22nd year, held in San Zeno di Montagna from 10th October to 10th November 2019.

Five restaurants that form part of the San Zeno di Montagna Restaurant Association propose tasting menus and local products from the Monte Baldo region.

Various autumn dishes characterize the menus of Al Cacciatore, Bellavista, Costabella, Sole and Taverna Kus restaurants, all located in San Zeno di Montagna (menus on

The products used in the menu are sweet chestnuts from San Zeno, black truffle from Monte Baldo, Monte Veronese cheese, extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda and wines such as Bardolino and Chiaretto.



castagne di San Zeno di Montagna e marroni del Monte Baldo - prodotti tipici Dop di Verona



Chestnuts, or Marroni, as the locals call them

The second event is the Chestnut Festival in San Zeno di Montagna which takes place on the weekends between 19 October and 3 November 2019.

It offers a market where you can sample various dishes made from local chestnuts with protected designation of origin: pure, roasted or boiled chestnuts, as cake, jam and much more.

Many specialities to enjoy at best with the “Castanea” beer, brewed with chestnuts, absolutely a must.

On 25 October at 5pm, in the rooms of the Cà Montagna palace, the president of the Bardolino Consortium Franco Cristoforetti will take part to the conference dedicated to the typical local products.

At 8pm, in the marquee located in piazza Schena, Bardolino of the Montebaldo institution (2015, 2016, 2017) is served in addition to San Zeno DOP chestnuts dishes.

Lovers of good cuisine and good wine are invited to enjoy all the events and manifestations dedicated to the season’s bounty throughout the region.


How to get to San Zeno di Montagna (Verona)

San Zeno di Montagna is found at 680m on Monte Baldo’s west flanks, 35km away from Verona. And next to Lake Garda.


  • From Affi/Verona: head north on Provincial road 9 passing through Costermano, Castion Veronese.
  • From north Lake Garda: coming from Riva del Garda Torbole and Malcesine, after Castelletto di Brenzone take the ascending road on the left at the traffic lights, following indications for Biaza, Fasor, San Zeno di Montagna, Prada.
  • From central Lake Garda arrive at Torri del Benaco or Garda and then:
    • From Torri el Benaco: at the traffic lights take ascending road following indications for Albisano, Loncrino. Go straight ahead and at the roundabout bypass Albisano and keep straight on uphill at the crossroad indicating San Zeno di Montagna on your left.
    • From Garda: at the small roundabout follow indications for Affi, Costermano, Caprino. At the top of the hill take the exit on your left and follow indications for San Zeno di Montagna.
  • From Peschiera del Garda (Highway exit A4): after the tollbooth, merge into Strada Statale 11 and head north over Strada Statale 450 to Affi. From there go north on Strada Provinciale 9 following indications for Costermano, Castion Veronese, San Zeno di Montagna.


Articolo a cura di Martina Zanetti



Verona-Balcone di Giulietta-Verona città dell'Amore - Verona Wine Love





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